WhatsApp Top 10 Productivity (Tips and Tricks) You Will Love

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Let me tell you, WhatsApp is a major part of my daily routine. Whether I’m catching up with friends, staying in touch with colleagues, or managing multiple group chats, it’s essential. But staying on top of all those messages can be a real challenge. Today, I’m going to share with you 10 incredible WhatsApp Tricks that will save you hours and make you way more productive. You’re going to love these, believe me.

  1. Format Text Like a Pro
    • Did you know you can actually bold, italicize, or even strike through text in WhatsApp? It’s true! Just throw an asterisk before and after for bold, an underscore for italics, and a tilde for strike-through. Simple, yet powerful.
    • Surrounds text in (*) symbol to bold, *Make Text Bold*, underscore symbol ( _ ) will make text italic _text_ and ( ~ ) symbol will straight through text ~ am italic~.
    • You can easily find these symbols on the mobile keyboards from the symbol button.
  2. Customize Your Alerts
    • You’ve got tons of group chats, right? Well, customize the alert tones for each one so you know exactly who’s messaging without even looking. Smart, huh? Just go to the group, change the alert tone, and boom, done.
    • Click on WhatsApp Group > Click on Group name > Scroll to Notification section > click Notification and select your notification for only that group.
  3. Star Feature
    • Ever get an important message you need to find later? Just star it, and you’re set. No more scrolling through endless chats.
    • Hold and Press the message until it is selected, a star will appear in the top menu click to star the message, and later find it easily.
  4. Pin Chats To the Top
    • If you’ve got chats you use all the time, pin them to the top of your list. It saves time and keeps you organized. Easy as swiping and tapping.
  5. Broadcast Lists
    • Instead of copying and pasting messages to multiple contacts, create a broadcast list. Send the same message to everyone at once. Efficiency at its finest.
  6. Add Dates to Calendar
    • See a date in a message? Tap it, create an event, and boom, it’s in your calendar. No need to switch apps.
  7. Mark messages as unread
    • Forgot to reply? Mark it as unread and tackle it later. Simple, effective.
  8. Swipe to reply
    • Instead of tapping around, just swipe and reply. Quick and easy.
  9. WhatsApp Web
    • Access your chats from your computer without picking up your phone. It’s like having WhatsApp everywhere you go.
  10. WhatsApp Communities
    • Bring all your groups together, manage conversations, and even make money. Yes, you heard me right. With WhatsApp Communities, you can monetize your interactions. It’s a game-changer.

So there you have it. Ten amazing WhatsApp hacks that will save you time, keep you organized and boost your productivity. Which one’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. And if you found these tips helpful.

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