The New iPad Pro – Great Looks, But Same Old Problems?

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Let me tell you folks, this new iPad Pro, it’s something else. Believe me, I’ve been watching these iPads for a long time, and this one, it’s supposed to be the future of computing, right? Back in 2015, they said it was gonna change everything. Tim Cook, he was talking about how this thing is gonna be a multi-touch piece of glass that can do anything you want. Well, let me tell you, the new one, it’s thin, it’s light, it’s got this OLED display that’s out of this world. Best I’ve ever seen, folks, incredible colors, super bright. And that M4 chip, fast! Really fast. They got these fancy accessories now, like the magic keyboard and the Apple Pencil. But you know what? All these bells and whistles, they don’t fix the real problem.

The software, folks, it’s just not there. They call it iPadOS, but let me tell you, it’s not cutting it. You try to use this thing like a MacBook, moving windows around, it’s a mess. No easy way to manage your files, and no desktop-class apps. It’s like they took iOS and blew it up, but it’s still stuck in iPhone mode. They’ve been adding features year after year, split view, slide over, and now this stage manager thing, but none of it feels right. It’s like they’re trying to make this iPad something it’s not.

it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the evolution of Apple’s iconic tablet lineup. While the spotlight shines on the new iPad Pro, the recent launch of the iPad 9th generation offers a compelling alternative for those seeking a more affordable entry into the iPad ecosystem.

They could’ve put macOS on here, right? Make it a real computer. But no, they stick with this half-baked iPadOS. It’s a shame, really. Because I use this iPad Pro every day, mostly for watching videos, and yeah, the display’s great, but for real work? Give me my MacBook any day. Until Apple figures this out, all these fancy upgrades won’t fix what’s broken. They need a complete overhaul, folks, believe me.

While the new iPad Pro impresses with its sleek design and stunning OLED display, it continues to grapple with software limitations reminiscent of iOS 18. As Apple enthusiasts await innovations in future iPhone models like the rumored iPhone 15 and iPhone 16, the discussion around enhancing iPad functionality remains crucial in bridging the gap between tablet and laptop experiences.

So there you have it, my take on this new iPad Pro. Great for videos, great for looking at, but as a computer? Not so much.

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